How to use the Honing Calculator for Lost Ark

Calculator that passes the savings back to you.

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Honing is one of the most important end-game mechanics in Lost Ark, allowing you to keep improving your gear beyond its basic stats. It’s easy to fall into a trap and waste honing materials inefficiently, so using a honing calculator is recommended to get the most out of everything you have. Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of hard-earned mats and progress, too, both of which will require more grinding to make up for the losses. If you’re having difficulties using a honing calculator for Lost Ark, this guide will help you.

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Best way to use a honing calculator in Lost Ark

If you don’t want to hone your gear manually in Lost Ark, then you need a honing calculator. The best one out there is the Maxroll Upgrade Calculator. Here’s how to use it to calculate your honing costs and attempts.

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The Upgrade Calculator allows you to calculate an estimate of material and currency costs when you attempt to hone your gear. This estimate lets you make informed decisions if you should use your mats or save them for later, or use a different gear piece.

You can use the calculator to do honing calculations for multiple gear pieces or a single one. In both cases, you should take the following steps for any calculation:

  1. Set up the Tier of the gear piece you want to hone from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enable any Stronghold research that you may have done.
  3. Input the target honing level that you want to attempt.
  4. If you have any saved Artisan’s Energy, you can add it and how many failed attempts there were before.
  5. From the next two dropdown menus, pick Average Scenario and Optimal Materials for the best results.
  6. Finally, click Recalculate
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The resulting table will show how many currency and materials you should use to get the honing result you’re looking for. Remember that you can input how many specific mats you own at the top of the app, which can help with more precise calculations of what you can use. There is also an import option to get the mats right from the game’s API.

And with that, you can safely and accurately calculate any of your future honing attempts in Lost Ark, which will save you a lot of mats and silver in the long run.