How To Use The Master Sword In Super Mario Maker 2


The Master Sword has arrived in Super Mario Maker 2 in Update 2.0. It is not just a cosmetic change either because it turns Mario into Link, who plays differently. He uses a bow and a shield, allowing you to design exceptionally complicated levels.

To use the Master Sword while you are building a level, you can only do it if you are making a Super Mario Bros. level, none of the other levels will be able to use a Master Sword.

To place the Master Sword in your level, follow these steps:

  • Ensure the level type is Super Mario Bros
  • Open the items menu by hitting Y
  • Go to Items
  • Select Super Mushroom
  • Place the Super Mushroom in the level
  • Scroll over the Super Mushroom and hold A
  • Select the Master Sword

Picking up the Master Sword turns Mario into Link. You can fire arrows, block things with your shield, dash, and down-slash with your sword. For people who might be a little less familiar with the level making process, here’s a bit more detail about the process.

Step 1

Step One

Set the level type on the left side of the screen to Super Mario Bros, then scroll to the magnifying glass icon, or hit Y to open the menu you need.

Step 2

Step Two

Navigate to Items, the section of the menu with the purple header. Select the Super Mushroom, as shown in the image above.

Step 3

Step Three

Place the Super Mushroom in your level by pressing A on an empty square, and then hold it with your cursor over the Super Mushroom to open the options. The Master Sword is the first option.