How to use the motion sensor in Phasmophobia

Track ghosts with our help.

How to use the motion sensor in Phasmophobia

Image via Kinetic Games

Hunting ghosts in Phasmophobia can seem a bit tricky at first. The earlier levels of Kinetic Games’ psychological horror title, which helps to acclimatize you to the game, can be slow as the ghost doesn’t actively hunt you from the get-go.

In these instances, purchasing a motion sensor will easily allow you to track the movements of phantoms. At the moment, motion sensors are one of the game’s most expensive items, each one costs $100, so you will need to bank some dollars before you can afford it. Your team can carry up to four motion sensors, so it might be handy if everyone buys one and places them on the map to help track the ghost.

Once you have acquired one, you need to know how to use it effectively against ghosts. Motion sensors are best deployed on the walls of maps, so you have to strategically place it in an area where ghosts may pass through.

The best places to put motion sensors are hallways, staircases, or near to door entrances. Deadly spirits will be easier to locate by placing motion sensors in those areas and will allow you to hone in on their position effectively. Ensure you place them at waist height, as this is the best way to trigger them.

Motion sensors have a light that turns from red to green if something triggers them. If one of your squad remains on the investigations truck, they can alert the rest of you when the motion sensor is activated by using the camera feeds onboard the vehicle. They will receive an audio cue when it’s been triggered too.

Bear in mind that players can trigger the sensor as well as ghosts. If you pass by one and set it off, immediately inform your teammates, so they know that it was you. Once the ghost moves into its hunting phase, it will move more, so your motion sensors will pick it up and help you locate its exact position.