How To Use The Odradek in Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a pretty dangerous world. BTs, or Breached Things, make traveling a fearsome task. These unusual creatures want to drag you down to the tarry depths that they spring from. Luckily, you do have a way to know when the danger is close.

How To Use The Odradek in Death Stranding

The Odradek is the small, fan-like device that you wear on over your shoulder. This will automatically point in the direction of nearby BTs, and if you get close enough, it will spin around rapidly to warn you about impending danger.

The Odradek and your BB can team up to perform scans of the surrounding area. If you hold R1, the Odradek will scan the local area. You will be able to see the outline of any BTs that are within the scan radius. You should also keep in mind that BTs can only show up after a Timefall, or shower of polluted rain.

The Odradek works in three different stages to alert you to BTs. First is white light, to let you know a BT is somewhere nearby. When the Odradek turns orange and begins to open and close like a flower, this lets you know the BT is very close to you. When the BT gets far too close for comfort, the Odradek will begin to spin around wildly. You can use a scan at any point to spot the exact location of the BTs.

The Odradek don’t just help you with BTs, as they can also be useful for planning routes of travel. The scan will allow you to see the terrain around you, and very dangerous or difficult areas will be marked with red Xs. It will also let you see how deep a river or lake is so that you don’t accidentally walk into water that is too deep.

It is a good idea to use the scan function often, even when you don’t think BTs are close. Having as much information as possible is never a bad thing when it comes to safely carrying your cargo to its destination.