How to use the Otto-Matic in Psychonauts 2

Your helpful vending machine.

Psychonauts 2 Otto-Matic

Image via Double Fine Productions

The items you use during missions in Psychonauts 2 will help you throughout your adventures in the game. You’ll be visiting the Otto-Matic shop vending machine quite a bit to improve your abilities in Psychonauts 2, and you’ll want to become familiar with everything available in it. This guide details how you can use every section of the Otto-Matic vending machine in Psychonauts 2.


The combined portion of the Otto-Matic vending machine is where you will be combining the PSI Challenge Cards and Cores. You need to collect nine PSI Challenge Cards to create a PSI Challenge Marker. Once you have a PSI Challenge Marker, you can increase your rank.

Image via Gamepur


The Items section of the Otto-Matic shop is where you’ll purchase any consumable items you want to use during your adventures. You’ll need to purchase these items using Psitanium, which you can acquire while exploring and completing missions in the game.


The final option you can use on an Otto-Matic vending machine is Pins. You’re going to be using Pins to modify the psychic abilities Razputin can use throughout his adventures. As you can access more psychic powers, you’ll be able to unlock new ones, and when you rank up, your pins become more powerful. You will need to use Psitanium to acquire pins.