How to use the research desk in PlateUp

Upgrade your kitchen in style.

Image via Yogscast Gaming

Luckily for fans of PlateUp, most items are fairly intuitive to use. However, there can be some confusion when it comes to one of the game’s most important items: the research desk. There are a handful of mysterious, unspoken rules to the item, and if you want to use it effectively, follow this quick guide to researching in PlateUp.

What is a research desk?

While you’re playing PlateUp, the research desk is one of the best early items the game drops. While most of the items you get are actively used to appease customers and speed up production, the research desk is more of a long-term investment. Sometime during the round, you can use it to upgrade certain items and make them into more helpful appliances, like turning a washing basin into a dishwasher. The research desk is a helpful way to get around the RNG of the game’s random drops.

How does the research desk work?

Now, this is the part that some players get stuck on. To use a research desk, you can’t just walk up to it and go. Instead, you have to place the desk next to a blueprints cabinet (you get one for free when the game starts). Then, make sure you’ve placed an upgradeable appliance in the blueprints cabinet.

When you start your in-game day, save a little bit of time to walk over to the research desk and use your interaction button to upgrade the appliance. Once you’re done, a new item should have appeared in your blueprints cabinet. After the round, you can remove this appliance and buy it.

Pro tip: even if the new upgraded item can be upgraded again, you can only upgrade once per in-game day. So don’t waste your precious time trying to double-upgrade in one round.

What items can be upgraded?

Given how many items and appliances are in PlateUp, there’s a wide variety of options to upgrade throughout the game. So, here’s a quick list of all the items you can get creative with:

  • Hob
  • Mop
  • Sink
  • Dining Table
  • Counter
  • Prep Counter
  • Oven
  • Bin
  • Plates
  • Floor Buffer
  • Conveyor
  • Mixer
  • Research Desk (yes, you can upgrade the research desk itself into a copying or discount desk)

Whatever upgrades you end up with, they can be some of the best additions to your restaurant, and can even save a dying run of a game. So, make the most of your research desks when you have them.