How to use the Shield Grenade in The Anacrusis

Stay safe in your bubble.

Shield Grenade

Image via Stray Bombay

The Anacrusis’ has a randomized loot spawn feature that pushes players to scrounge for tools they need to survive. Players may find nothing but Goo Grenades and SMBs during a run or maybe stuck holding a weapon and grenade type they’re not fully knowledgeable on. Each grenade has its uses and weaknesses, so here’s how to use the Shield Grenade in The Anacrusis.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Shield Grenade grants the owner two charges of Shield. Throwing a Shield Grenade will create a bubble of protection, expanding outward from the center of impact, shoving enemies away and keeping them out. Most enemies cannot penetrate the bubble, so it’s useful to use when you need to heal or pick up a downed ally. There is no health meter for the Shield — it will last a handful of seconds before dissipating.

However, the Shield isn’t foolproof — projectiles, such as the Spawner Minions poison shots, the Goopers Goo attack, and the Grabbers, well, Grab attack will penetrate the shield and affect you. Furthermore, the Brute can walk, run, and charge through the Shield without slowing down, so it’s ineffective there too. The Shield does not prevent the Flasher’s blinding aura, either. The best use of the Shield Grenade is to create a choke-point to deal with Hordes or create a moderate safe zone to heal and resurrect allies, but you will need to deal with the threats mentioned first.