How to Use The Tools in GTFO


Teamwork is essential in GTFO. You need to make sure you talk to them before each run and to make sure all of you are on the same page. A vital component to speak with them is to figure out what tools you plan to use during your run. Your team can consist of four members, but each of you can only take a single tool.

The Biotracker. Before you and your team enter a room, you want to make sure the door you’re about to open doesn’t lead to a large infestation of monsters. That’s where the Biotracker comes in, giving you a clear heads up on any biological forms on the other side of a wall. You can use this tool to plan your attack before unlocking a security door. Tag any enemies to watch them move around your vicinity for a short time. Large grey dots are dormant enemies, and red ones are scouts looking for your team.

Mine Deployer. If you’re about to unlock a security door, you should prepare for trouble. The door will make plenty of sounds, leaving you and your party exposed to enemies until you disarm it. The person with the mine deployer can slap down a few useful hazards the enemies will run through before they get to you. It won’t free you up of all the threats rushing after you, but it will buy you time.

C-Foam Launcher. Aim this launcher down at the ground to slow down the enemy, forcing them to go through a haze of goo, making it easier for your teammates to shoot them. It doesn’t last forever, though. If the enemy is attempting to smash their way through the door, you can aim the launcher at it plug up any holes, making it far more difficult for the enemies to break it down. You want to use the launcher immediately because it does dissolve if it doesn’t connect to a door or an enemy after a short period.

The Sentry Gun. You have two versions of this: an up-close Shotgun variety and a submachine for medium range. They both favor different tactics, so make sure you have the sentry gun at an appropriate range. When it has a green light in front of it, it’s scanning for enemies and is ready to fire. When the light changes to red, it detects an enemy and is firing at them. If the light turns grey, this means it’s out of ammunition, and you need to give it more before it can continue protecting your team.

When your C-Foam Launcher, Mine Deployer, or Sentry Gun run out of ammunition, you need to use the Tool Refill Pack to give them more uses.