How to use an Item Ticket in Mario Kart Tour


As a mobile game, Mario Kart Tour has provided a unique style of gameplay while staying true to the main series’ game mechanics. Many returning features from previous games make an appearance such as hitting boxes to get items, customizing your kart, picking a character, and more. It is a simplified version of Mario Kart on the go, and it is an excellent gateway for mobile gamers and diehard Mario Kart fans.

How to use an Item Ticket in Mario Kart Tour

One of the new features that have been added is called the Item Ticket. The Item Ticket is an item that can be used once per race and reroll your chance of getting a better item, whether it’d be the Blue Shell, Banana Peel, or anything else. It can be situational if you are having a tough time with opposing bots for a better chance to win.

Mario Kart Tour Item Ticket

To use it, you must have one available after grinding your way through the game, which can be done by doing courses at your timely manner. It can also be part of a Gold Pass or set, as well as be a possible daily select item that will cost coins. Once you got one, go into any race and play as usual.

At the start of the race, you will be able to tap on an empty item slot at the top of your character to spawn in a random item. If you already have an item, you will need to get rid of it before you can use the item ticket. The ticket can also only be used once per race, and if you don’t have any tickets available, you obviously won’t be able to use the feature.

It is entirely optional to use, but if you are in need for first place or have an advantage when a hitbox is not there, may RNG be on your side.