How to use WASD in Among Us

Learn how to use WASD to find the Imposter in Among Us.

While Among Us has taken over the internet and gaming sphere, many players are finding themselves wanting to use WASD to move around, rather than the game’s default way of using the mouse to click on where you want your character to go, a la League of Legends.

The good news is that you can use WASD, and other keyboard buttons, to control the game, and it’s very easy to change the settings to do so.

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Head to Settings from the main menu and head to the “General” tab. This is the first tab, so you should already be there. The first option you will see is “Controls,” with the only options being “Mouse” or “Mouse+Keyboard.” Select “Mouse+Keyboard” and boom, you are in business.

Now you can enjoy this simple, yet hilarious, game with your standard keyboard controls.