How to use your Amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise

Bring your Amiibo with you when you go hunting.

Image via Capcom

For those eager to use your Amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise, finding the correct way to have your game register them can be a little confusing. There’s no dedicated NPC that handles all of it, and the tutorial for the game doesn’t make a big deal of how players can utilize this. The way you do this is by speaking with a specific NPC, Kagero the Merchant. You can find them right at the center of town in the shop area, to the opposite side of Hinoa the Quest Maiden.

Screenshot by Gamepur

All you have to do is speak with Kagero, and the fourth option will be for the game to read your Amiibo. Click on the option for Kagero to read your Amiibo, and then there will be a screen that shows you where to place your Amiibo. You want to set it on your Switch Pro Controller center or the right joystick on your joycon. Hold the Amiibo on that section until it has been registered.

You can scan three different Amiibos each day to enter a lottery entry. The lottery entry gives you a unique reward. The more Amiibos you scan, the more entries you receive. Certain Amiibo provide a one-time-only reward when you scan them, which are likely the exclusive Amiibo for Monster Hunter Rise.