How to use your map in Maneater

Don’t get lost.


Your map is a very useful tool in Maneater, but you would be forgiven for thinking you don’t have one. You can open your map by hitting M on the keyboard on PC, the small button above the D-pad on Xbox One, and the Options button on PS4.


Because the playing areas in Maneater are broken up into multiple routes and tunnels, it can be confusing to get around. If you zoom in fully on the map, you will get a much better idea of what direction to go in to get to where you want to be.

You can click on any item or marker on the map to set a waypoint to it in the game, which will show you where it is and the distance you are from the area. You can also fast travel to the grotto on the map. Just hover over the grotto and then press the prompted button.

License plates, mission targets, animals you need to hunt, Evo Crates, and landmarks will all appear on the map, once you have discovered them. When you are swimming through levels, you should spam your radar as much as you can, as this will constantly update your map with your surroundings.

Maps will also show you the location of any grates you have discovered. Grates can be smashed, allowing you access to new areas, or secret areas containing important resources.