How to Watch All Pokemon Concierge Episodes: Story, Age Rating & More

Fans got an exciting new lens on the world of Pokemon with the new stop-motion animated feature, Pokemon Concierge

Pokemon Concierge Psyduck and Haru Sharing Ice Cream

Image via The Pokemon Company

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While Pokemon fans await the US release of Pokemon Horizons, The Pokemon Company has given us something entirely different to enjoy in the form of a stop-motion miniseries. Pokemon Concierge uses stop-motion style animation to tell a different sort of Pokemon story.

Pokemon Concierge arrived on Netflix late last year and has been making the rounds as a surprise fan favorite ever since. I mean, who can resist adorable Pokemon made of felt? If you’re curious to know what everyone is talking about when they mention Pokemon Concierge, I’ve got you covered with all the basic details.

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Pokemon Concierge Release Date & Platforms

Pokemon Concierge Netflix Image
Image via Netflix and The Pokemon Company

The first four episodes of Pokemon Concierge were released on Netflix on December 28, 2023. True to form for Netflix series, all four episodes dropped at once, so fans could enjoy them all immediately.

As of now, Pokemon Concierge is available on Netflix worldwide, with multiple language options available, including the original Japanese, English, French, and Spanish. If you have access to Netflix in your country, you will most likely be able to stream Pokemon Concierge.

Is Pokemon Concierge Appropriate for Kids?

Pokemon Concierge Felt Eevee
Image via The Pokemon Company

Parents with children who are Pokemon fans may be wondering if Pokemon Concierge is appropriate for children, and the short answer is yes. The show is rated TV-PG and does not feature any explicit language or content that would not be appropriate for younger audiences. It does feature plenty of cute stop-motion Pokemon and a few good lessons about accepting yourself and not worrying too much.

That said, I do think some aspects of the story will appeal to Pokemon’s older audience, particularly the early episodes about anxiety and fitting in at work and anxiety from day-to-day stress. Like much of what Pokemon has to offer, Pokemon Concierge can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Pokemon Concierge Episode Guide & Story Overview

Pokemon Concierge Psyduck Hiding
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Concierge currently consists of four total episodes, each one around 15-20 minutes long. As of now, this is the complete series released on Netflix, but there are more episodes on the way. If you’re curious to know what the show is about, we’ll break down each episode with a brief story overview below.

Spoiler Alert: The following episode guides may contain minor plot spoilers for the first season of Pokemon Concierge.

Episode 1: I’m Haru, The New Concierge!

Run Time: 19 minutes

This episode introduces us to our protagonist, Haru, who recently took a new job at the Pokemon Resort. She’s dealt with some stressors recently and is looking for a change, hence the new gig.

We follow Haru throughout her first day at the resort as she meets her new colleagues and gets to know the amenities. Her supervisor asked her to explore the resort as if she were a guest, and our anxious protagonist has some trouble relaxing and really enjoying the space but ultimately does manage to unwind a bit. At the end of the episode, Haru’s new boss tasks her with finding a Pokemon and helping them have the same great experience she had on day one.

Episode 2: What’s on Your Mind, Psyduck?

Run Time: 16 minutes

In our second episode, Haru tries to get guidance from her colleagues so she can complete her task of making a Pokemon happy. After noticing the shy Psyduck hiding in the bushes a few times, she decides to make it her mission to help Psyduck have fun and learn to better control its psychic powers.

The episode follows Haru and Psyduck’s hilarious attempts to siphon off a little of their psychic powers at a time so they don’t go out of control, ending with a heartfelt moment showing that the two have bonded.

Episode 3: I Hope I Can Evolve Too…

Run Time: 14 Minutes

In this short and sweet episode, Haru and Psyduck try to help a Magikarp who can’t swim very well. Its beloved floatie gets swiped by a passing Wingull, and Haru chases it down with the help of Dragonite. Along the way, she learns about Pokemon evolution and hopes she’ll be able to evolve into her new job.

Episode 4: Welcome to the Pokemon Resort!

Run Time: 20 Minutes

In this final episode, Haru and Psyduck meet a shy Pikachu whose trainer wants it to be more like a typical Pikachu. Haru and Psyduck try to help Pikachu find its louder voice through all kinds of fun at the resort, like riding a rope swing or eating spicy chili. Ultimately, they wind up teaching their trainer a lesson about accepting Pikachu the way it is, and that’s when the real fun begins.

This episode also shows Haru feeling settled into a routine at the resort and more sure of her role there, making it a good conclusion to the series that still leaves room for more stories down the road.

Will We Get New Pokemon Concierge Episodes?

Pokemon Concierge Teapot
Image via The Pokemon Company

On February 19, 2024, The Pokemon Company and Netflix jointly announced that more episodes of Pokemon Concierge are currently in development. This isn’t surprising given the overwhelming fan support for more episodes after the show became a smash hit when it released.

So far, we don’t have details on how many new episodes of Pokemon Concierge will be released or any news about when we can expect these new episodes to be available on Netflix. I’m a huge fan of Pokemon Concierge myself, so I will be keeping an eye on this news. We’ll update you as soon as we have confirmation about when the new episodes of Pokemon Concierge will be released.