How To Watch Blizzcon 2019


It’s Blizzcon time. This year is shaping up to be interesting for all kinds of reasons, and if you can’t make it to the event yourself, there is plenty to watch through the magic of the internet. The event will feature multiple streams from Blizzcon’s many stages, so there should be something that grabs your interest at some point over the weekend.

How To Watch Blizzcon 2019

The easiest place to watch the Blizzcon Opening Ceremony, and all the live streams, is at the Blizzcon website. You can also find a full schedule of the events on the schedule page. Blizzcon 2019 will begin at 11 am PT, Friday, November 1.

The full live-streamed event is only available to people who have purchased a Virtual Ticket for $50. The Opening Ceremony will be free and will be broadcast to both Twitch and Youtube. The four mystery panels that follow the Opening Ceremony will only be available to Virtual Ticket holders.

You can expect to see some Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, potentially some Diablo Immortal, and I imagine plenty of the usual World of Warcraft content. I wouldn’t expect to see much from Heroes of the Storm, which seems to have been largely kicked to the curb. At this point, StarCraft 2 sadly feels like a distant memory, as well.

There is also the chance of some drama, due to the recent negative headlines around Blizzard after they banned Hearthstone player Blitzchung, only to partially walk back the decision. Either way, there should be plenty of exciting things happening at Blizzcon 2019.