How to Watch the Game Awards 2019


The Game Awards for 2019 are happening on Dec. 12 at 5:30pm PST, 6:30pm CST, and 8:30pm EST. The Game Awards typically has an array of game announcements and celebrity appearances you won’t want to miss out on this year. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you tune in at the right time to check it out.

Several live streaming websites will have the Game Awards on their platform. You have a handful of options to check it out:

The Game Awards 2019’s Twitter page should also have a stream of the show, but you may have a better chance of using the other locations to watch. If none of the above services pan out for your internet service, you can check out the Game Awards 2019’s website to see the massive list of available online locations.

For those lucky enough, you might be able to grab a ticket to watch the show from a movie theater in your local area. You’ll need to hop on over to the Cinemark website and input your town’s zip code to see if any local theaters will play it. Make sure you change the date to Dec. 12, or you won’t see anything, or you’ll see none are playing. It’s a double feature for the Game Awards 2019 and the new Jumanji: The Next Level, so you can watch both of them back to back.