How to watch the new Arenas teaser in Apex Legends

Arenas is coming…

Arenas Teaser holo

The new Season 9 teaser for the new Arenas game mode is live in Apex Legends. If you want to watch it, you need to make sure you have done all of the prerequisites in the correct order. There are three major steps to unlocking the teaser, and they are as follows: getting a Corrupted Keycard, accepting the keycard mission, and scanning the Arena Holo-Sprays. Here is how to do every step.

Getting a Corrupted Keycard

Corrupted Keycard
Screenshot by Gamepur

No matter the map, if there is a neutral care package near you: open it. An extra item will fly out of each side onto the ground. You only have to pick up one, and you can leave the others for your teammates or just leave them if all players already have them.

Accepting the Corrupted Keycard Challenge

Corrupted Keycard in lobby
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have the Corrupted Keycard, the next time you are in the lobby, it will appear on the bottom right of your lobby screen. Click it to get an audio message and a new set of two challenges involving scanning Holo-Sprays.

Scanning Holo-Sprays

Arena Holo
Screenshot by Gamepur

There are Holo-Spray galore scattered around both Kings Canyon and Olympus. You have to scan only six in total, but it must be three from each map. All of the Holo locations are listed in purple on these wonderful maps from well-respected leaker and content creator, Shrugtal.

Watching the Arenas Teaser

Arenas Teaser button
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once all of this is completed, head to the Firing Range by yourself and go up to the new platform. The button will be ready to activate at this point, and you can view the full arenas teaser.

A Badge Reward

Impress Me badge
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you watch the teaser, you will automatically get a brand-new Legendary-tier Badge, featuring Ash, called ‘Impress Me.’