How to wave in Smite on all platforms

Wave to your friends.

Image via Hi-Rez

There are several emotes you can perform in Smite when you’re battling it out against other players in the battleground of the gods. These emotes are special, though. Not all gods in Smite can perform them, and if they can, you must have access to the emote by purchasing it or unlocking them through chest rolls. Many of these chests are given to players as random rewards for leveling up in the current battle pass or leveling up your account.

Smite is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the breakdown of how to you can wave on all of these platforms, so long as the god you’re playing has the wave emote unlocked on your account.

For the PC, when you want to wave, you have to click the keys in this sequence: V, X, W. If you’re using the Xbox, you have to click right on the D-pad, followed by the buttons X, B, B. When you’re on a PlayStation, you have to click right on the D-pad, followed by Square, Circle, Circle. On the Nintendo Switch, you click the D-pad and then input the buttons Y, A, A.

The big factor is making sure the wave emote is unlocked on the god you’re playing at that moment. If you attempt to access the emote tree, and the wave icon is darkened and not highlighted, you cannot access the wave emote. This can be a problem if you’re trying to complete a daily or weekly quest in Smite that requires you to wave at an opponent. You can always unlock the emote by going to the god page on the main screen and spending gems to access it. Alternatively, you can wait to receive a chest as a reward from playing Smite games through the battle pass or a special event and receive the wave emote this way.