How to wax copper to prevent oxidizing in the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update

Halt the oxidation process to give your builds a timeless look.

Waxing Copper with Honeycomb

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is coming in 2021, and coming with it is a brand-new overworld ore for the first time since emeralds. A new common-tier ore is joining the ranks: Copper is the newest metal in Minecraft. The thing that makes copper special is that once you craft and place a copper block down, it, like real copper, will slowly begin to oxidize.

Oxidation will turn the block from a shiny bronze color into an eventually solid green over the course of four stages: Copper Block, Lightly Weathered Copper Block, Semi-Weathered Copper Block, and Weathered Copper Block.

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Waxing Copper

The first thing you should note is that all copper can be waxed until it is fully oxidized. This includes blocks, slabs, stairs, and even cut copper variants. This also means that you can wax Copper in its base form, or in its Lightly Weathered or Semi-Weathered forms too, to keep it like that forever.

The only major ingredient you are going to need to wax your copper is honeycomb. That said, it’s important to note that waxing copper is a crafting recipe: one copper block of some sort, and one honeycomb. You cannot wax a copper block with a honeycomb while it is already placed. You must pick it up and place it on a crafting table with a honeycomb. For this reason, if you plan to wax your copper, it is best to do so before you start building.

Weathered Copper, or fully-oxidized copper, cannot be waxed, as there is nothing left to prevent it from oxidizing — it is already at the final stage. This is the only type of copper that cannot be waxed.