How to win as a Crewmate in Among Us Hide and Seek

Strategies that let you outrun the Impostor.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us recently gained a new game mode called Hide and Seek. It’s a faster way to play Among Us, and can provide just as much enjoyment as the Classic Mode. The rules have changed, which make previous strategies unsuitable for winning Hide and Seek. While it may look easier to survive, the odds are stacked against Crewmates from the start.

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Fortunately, it’s not impossible for Crewmates to win against the Impostor. With the right amount of planning, tactics, and communication, you can achieve victory over the Impostor without getting killed yourself. If you do meet your end, you can still assist other players for the victory.

1) Pay attention to the Impostor at the beginning

Unlike Classic Mode where the Impostor’s identity remains a secret, you are told which player is the Impostor before the round starts. This allows you to know what the Impostor looks like and who to run away from.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The indicated player only turns into the Impostor after 10 seconds have passed, which gives you time to get to safety. Don’t linger, as you can get killed if you are complacent.

2) Run around the map constantly

While completing tasks is highly recommended, the Impostor may catch you in the middle of performing a task. If you don’t think it is safe, it is better to run around the map and stay mobile. The Impostor isn’t faster than a Crewmate by default, and you can run around the Impostor provided you don’t go into a dead end.

3) Complete tasks whenever feasible

Your goal is to survive until the timer runs out, which is a three minute timer followed by a 60 second countdown. Completing tasks will remove some time from the three minute timer, giving you a better chance of survival. You can’t reduce the 60 second countdown, but the faster you can reach it, the better your odds are of winning.

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4) Pay attention to the Danger Meter

The Danger Meter is a bar in the upper left corner of the screen. It has four colors: grey, blue, yellow, and red.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Grey means that the Impostor is nowhere near your position.
  • Blue means that the Impostor is around the general area, but it’s possible to miss each other.
  • Yellow means that the Impostor is somewhat close to your position, and you should think about running away.
  • Red means that the Impostor is very close to your position, and could eventually meet you. Hiding should be your first priority.

Paying attention to the Danger Meter will help you avoid the Impostor, giving you a sign of how close they are. Looking for places to hide and abandoning tasks are reasonable options if you think the Impostor is getting close. Completing a task is not worth the potential risk of being killed by the Impostor, and the Danger Meter will let you know how risky your next moves are.

5) Pay attention to your hide count

Unlike Classic Mode, you don’t get to hide infinitely. You can only hide a certain number of times each game, and you are forced to exit the vent/hole after a few seconds. Choose your hiding spots wisely, and make sure to hide at the right time. Hide if your Danger Meter is red, or the Impostor has managed to track you during the final countdown.

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6) Communicate with other players

If you can, talk to other players about the location of the Impostor. Dead players can haunt the Impostor and keep an eye on their location. With the information, you can avoid the Impostor even when they are running around during the Final Hide. As long as the information is reliable, you can avoid getting killed by the Impostor and survive a round.