How to win at the jukebox game in Life is Strange: True Colors

Keep that shot away from me.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the first chapter, Side A of Life is Strange: True Colors, you will eventually be given a chance to become a server in Jed’s bar. During this time, you will need to take people’s food orders and clean up a table, but while checking on Steph, you can participate in what she calls the jukebox game. If you win, she has to take a shot of a nasty drink no one orders. You lose; you have to. Here is how to win it.

The jukebox game is essentially a game of 20 questions about music, but you only have five questions until you have to have your answer. We have played through the jukebox game twice, and the answer has been the same time both times, so we asked these questions both times. We will update this article in the future if we find out that the answer is randomized.

Starting off, scroll through the album art and songs to see what the selection is.

Our first two questions start on the cover art. We ask if there are people on the cover and then a picture of an animal. The answer is no both times.

From there, we ask if the band name is only one word. The answer is no, more than one.

In the song title section, we ask if the song title is four words or more. The answer is yes.

Our last question is also in the song title selection, where we ask if there is a curse word in the title. The answer is no.

With all of the above questions and answers, we are then forced to choose something. The correct answer is Kiss Up and Shut Me by The F*ckadelics.

Screenshot by Gamepur