How to win Halo Infinite objective matches with the Razorback

It’s time to dominate the objective.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Warthog has always been the number one choice for players in Big Team Battle, and it still is. However, in Halo Infinite, the Razorback may actually be the better choice in objective-based game modes.

If you’re looking to give yourself an advantage in Capture the Flag or Stockpile, the Razorback may be for you. This turretless version of the Warthog may look less intimidating, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. You can find these helpful features at the rear of the vehicle.

In the middle of the razorback, you will see a metal beam running from the back all the way to the front of the vehicle. Follow that beam down, and in that exact spot is where you can place the flag in CTF. If you’re looking in that spot and have the flag, you will see a “Press X” prompt. Then, once you see that prompt, you can slot the flag in and begin the drive back to your flag.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This feature is perfect for a solo flag capture because it allows you to move at high speed with the flag and without the help of your teammates. It can also help you and your squad because it’s much harder to destroy the Razorback than to shoot one player with the flag. Therefore, if the flag is in the back, you can switch out drivers as they get killed.

The last feature of the Razorback is located right next to the area mentioned above. On each side of where you placed the flag, you will see two holders. These holders will be a game-changer in Stockpile.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This game mode often sees players having to carry one power seed at a time back to their capture area. But with the Razorback, you won’t be bound by those holding limits anymore. The holders will allow you to place two power seeds in the back while you drive back to your capture area, allowing for far more effective solo play. This is also super helpful in a squad. With these holders, your squad can now carry five power seeds at once, two in the back, and three with your passengers. These enhanced carrying capabilities could be the difference between you winning or losing.