How to win in King of the Coop in Shell Shockers

Poach the opposition in King of the Coop!

Image via Blue Wizard Digital

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In the strange free-to-play title Shell Shockers, King of the Coop is the newest game mode that has been introduced. As the title implies, King of the Coop operates like a fast-paced King of the Hill game mode, pitting the red and blue teams against each other.

Players must get their teammates to stand on the point to fill up the capture bar for a singular point, in which case a new point is selected somewhere on the map. The first team to five points wins, rewards are doled out, and the game begins a new match after shifting teams around if it was a one-sided match.

Victory in this game mode can be easily yours for the taking with a modicum of strategy. The points for capture tend to be small and filled with corners. The primary weapon that should be used is the SMG, known as the ‘Whipper,’ to quickly win fights when strafing around corners or if the point is contested. If your movement isn’t what it should be, the shotgun can be an answer in terms of reaction and precision, but remember, you have two shots before you’re vulnerable for roughly three seconds.

The average TTK within Shell Shockers is well under a second.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Remember that there is no body-blocking in Shell Shockers — stepping through a reloading player to engage out of their view will consistently win gunfights. If the capture point is on a point of high elevation, this does run the risk of being sniped, but experience points to players being able to circle-strafe with bunny-hops to dodge semi-automatic fire.

In Shell Shockers, there isn’t necessarily a standard means of encouraging teammates to play the objective, resulting in some players inevitably trying to lone-wolf bizarre operations away from the point. If players are able to capture the point, however, by winning a few gunfights in close-quarters on objective, teammates will inevitably filter in to help capture the point.