How to win in Teams mode in Shell Shockers

Make the enemies scramble as you team up with like-minded eggs.

Image via Blue Wizard Digital

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The free-to-play FPS title Shell Shockers offers fast and simple carnage, with a low barrier to entry and no installs needed. With four separate game modes, Teams pits players in a brawl with two teams in play, Red and Blue.

As with Shell Shockers Free for All and Captula the Spatula, there is no traditional winning. Instead, players are awarded eggs based on their kills. Teams play out the same as Free for All in that respect, with the primary difference being that there are effectively fewer enemies to kill for eggs. With this in mind, some may eschew Teams entirely as Free for All offers a greater possible egg-gain.

That being said, however, Teams does allow for a greater effective arsenal. Sniper rifles, both semi-automatic, and bolt-action, are far more effective in eliminating enemies than other game modes. This doesn’t mean that the SMG and assault rifle has no place within Teams; conversely, they continue to dominate in most firefights thanks to a high rate of fire.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If players are adamant on playing Teams instead of Free for All, note that playing with others is the best way to ensure survival. Break into teams of two or three, and move about the map as a unit, at worst trading kills if your squad is surprised by a shotgun. With multiple firearms pointed forwards as the squad moves about, coupled with a lack of body-blocking, you’ll become an unstoppable force that rakes in the eggs.

Note that dominating too hard could quickly result in players leaving the server, seeking a ‘less sweaty’ experience, but empirically speaking, the server fills back up quick enough to mitigate the frustrations. It should be noted, however, that if you have a decent team, your time may be better spent in King of the Coop thanks to the +250 egg bonus on round win.