How to win in Free for All in Shell Shockers

Scramble the opponents in Shell Shockers’ free for all game mode.

Image via Blue Wizard Digital

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The free-to-play FPS Shell Shockers is notably picking up steam since it originally launched in 2017. The hard-boiled shooter is relatively simple in design, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t cause to get sweaty when fighting in a Free for All game mode.

Free for All is one of the first game modes in Shell Shockers, placing multiple players in a map where they’re free to duke it out in an every-egg-for-itself brawl. While other game modes, such asĀ Shell Shockers King of the Coop, have a defined end, Free for All continues forever. Players will earn additional eggs (for cosmetic unlocks) by killing enemies and earning kill streaks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While the game mode King of the Coop allows the SMG to shine, there’s a bit more wiggle room for personalization within Free for All. Experiment with the various weapons, but take note of the assault rifle and the SMG: the sniper rifles have a bullet bloom that can make them unreliable, with a slower zeroing than offered in titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Thus, to use them effectively, players will need to stop movement for a few seconds, making them an easy shot for opponents. Likewise, the shotgun and rocket launchers aren’t necessarily reliable, thanks to their slow reload and limited magazines. Move often, follow enemies until you’re within an acceptable engagement range for your weapon, and don’t sweat deaths.