How to win in Captula the Spatula in Shell Shockers

Don’t get fried by the enemy team in Captula the Spatula.

Image via Blue Wizard Digital

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The game mode Captula the Spatula was added into Shell Shockers in update 0.18.1. As with in Shell Shockers’ Free for All, there is no defined ‘winning’ this game mode, but there are eggs to be earned for unlocking cosmetics.

The name, Captula the Spatula, may invoke a capture the flag-esque game mode, but instead, it’s more akin to Halo’s Oddball. A golden spatula is spawned on the map, and the team that is holding it earns points. The golden spatula is viewable through walls and objects for both teams, allowing the enemy team to constantly charge the spatula-holder while the allied team knows where to defend at.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As is the tendency of Shell Shockers gameplay, movement reigns supreme. Shifting between high and low ground, circle-strafing, and winning close-combat battles will ensure your team ends up with more points than your opponents. The SMG can help win battles, but it depends on how the enemy team is playing: if you’re being assaulted while holding the spatula by single enemies, one at a time, the shotgun can very well come into its own.

If you’re looking to get a kill streak to up your eggs, follow the spatula holder from a distance of ten meters and eliminate anyone contesting your teams’ spatula-holder. You’ll be able to hide behind corners and eliminate opponents without being shown on the map, letting you rack up kills. Note that your kill-streak will be endangered if you accidentally pick up the spatula: maintain your distance from the carriers.