How to win Last Spartan Standing in Halo Infinite

There’s only room for one.

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Last Man Standing is a new unique game mode added in Halo Infinite’s second season of content Lone Wolves. This free-for-all game will have put you up against 11 opponents as you fight to upgrade your loadouts and be, as the name implies, the last one standing at the end of the match. Here is what you need to know to be on your way to win Last Man Standing in Halo Infinite.

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Last Man Standing is like a mix of a standard free-for-all match and something like Gun Game. You start each match with a Disruptor, but as you earn points from getting kills and assists, you gain the ability to upgrade your loadout whenever you choose. You earn items like a Mangler, Assault Rifle, Commando, Overshield, Active Camo, and Bulldog as you do this.

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Every player in the match has five total lives until they are eliminated. Once eliminated, you can leave the game or continue to spectate to see how the others are doing. As Spartans are eliminated, you will notice orbs of Bonus XP dropping on the ground. Interact with these to gain 300 experience points toward your loadout in one fell swoop but beware, it takes a long time to claim them, and everyone in the game can see the orb’s location.

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The biggest thing with Last Man Standing is to win your one-on-one fights and not to get outnumbered. If you can, try to sneak up on others fighting and get easy kills as they weaken each other. Use the environment to your advantage to take cover and recover your shields if you need and don’t rush yourself. There is no time limit in the game, but the danger zone begins creeping in as more people are eliminated. Stay inside the zone to avoid taking unneeded damage against the remaining enemies.