Tips to win more Always Be Closing Evolved matches in Apex Legends

Play the ring, don’t get played by the ring.

Apex Legends Always be closing evolved

The Always Be Closing Evolved limited-time game mode is live now in Apex Legends, rewriting the rules of the battle royale to make it less sniper and camper-friendly. Instead of closing in an unpredictable pattern across a series of rounds, the ring closes continuously throughout the match, and the final zone is shown on the map from the start.

Here are some essential tips to help you win more Always Be Closing matches.

Use the right Legends

As always in Apex Legends, you should use the Legends that best match your preferred playstyle. That said, some Legends are decidedly more useful in Always Be Closing. That would be Caustic, Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Loba. While the first three excel at area denial and dishing out damage, Loba is great at getting her team geared up on the run. This makes these Legends great for the mode.

On the flip side, avoid using Pathfinder and Crypto in Always Be Closing. With the final zone always being visible, Pathfinder is essentially playing without a passive ability. His Zipline ultimate can see some limited use, but it is still relatively underwhelming. For his part, Crypto’s kit is just a bit too slow for the pacing of the mode.

Use the right tools

Regardless of how the match goes, Always Be Closing will eventually see players facing off in a tight circle. This is true for regular Apex Legends matches too, but it happens a lot sooner in this mode. That means that the usefulness of sniper rifles is very short-lived. Make sure you have a dependable shotgun or SMG built up for the final showdown.

Also, take advantage of the new Graffiti Mod hop-up. This hop-up was just added to Apex Legends as a teaser for Rampart, and it upgrades the Spitfire’s magazine size and reload speed, stacking with the bonuses granted from extended mags. When fully built and hopped-up, the Spitfire has 63 rounds in the mag and reloads very quickly. This weapon is still far from meta, but if there was ever a time to use it, it’s now.

Play the ring

Since you can see the endgame zone from the start, you should plan your landing. Make sure to land in a loot-rich zone somewhere not too close to the last circle, unless you want to be really bored. Quickly gear up and then head towards the edge of the ring. As it closes, it will force players towards the center, allowing you to ambush and quickly eliminate them.

Always Be Closing Evolved will be available until Aug. 18, when Apex Legends Season 6 launches.