How to win Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War

Tricolor warfare incoming.

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Splatoon 3 doesn’t necessarily rewrite the book on how the series operates, but it does bring in some new exciting features that build on top of what came before it. One of those new additions is the new mode Tricolor Turf War, a mode that has three teams battling it out. This Splatfest exclusive mode might have you scratching your head, so here is how you win.

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How do you win at Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3?

While Tricolor Turf War may seem bigger since there are three teams participating, it is actually almost the same game as the normal Turf War mode that you have probably played countless times. The main objective is to cover as much of the ground in your team’s ink color as possible. Whoever has the most at the end wins.

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However, where this mode deviates from the normal Turf War is that it is a Splatfest exclusive event. After some time during a Splatfest has passed, the Tricolor Turf War becomes available to play. Four members from the team currently in first will spawn in the middle of the arena, and the other two teams will have two members representing them, attacking the team in first on both sides.

The big thing here is for the team in first to defend themselves from the constant assault on either side of them. Because of the way you have enemies on both side, you have a lot to contend with here if you are on the team in first.

While covering the area in your team’s color, be sure to be on the lookout for the Ultra Signal. When you grab this item, you send a message for help to the member of Deep Cut that is the face of your Splatfest team’s choice. If you are part of the Blue team, you will have Shiver, Yellow is Frye, and Red is Big Man.

The Ultra Signal is a significant boost to your team’s chances of winning. When you grab it, you will be open for attack as it charges, so be sure to have a teammate nearby to protect you for a few seconds. When you claim them, sprinklers will fall on the field and cover that area in your team’s color until the end of the match.

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Be sure to use the same kind of combat practices you would use in a normal Turf War game. The team that spawns in the middle needs to constantly protect themselves, but they also have the shortest distance to go to reach other parts of the map, allowing them to cover a lot of ground quickly. Both teams on either side want to control their side and also take over the middle portion. Do that and you will easily have the most area of the map claimed for your team.

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