How to win with Crypto in Apex Legends – tips and strategies

The truth is out there.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Crypto is unlike any other Legend due to his ability to view the battlefield from a different angle. Instead of putting himself or his squad in danger, Crypto gathers information on enemy locations and weakens them before pushing in for an attack. Due to his passive playstyle, Crypto is definitely one of the harder Legends to play, but when mastered, he can turn any part of the map into his domain and make enemy squads fear fighting him.

Adding an extra pair of eyes

The base of all Crypto’s abilities is his Surveillance Drone and all of its capabilities. While the drone is good by itself, it works wonders when paired with good communication and callouts. Use your drone to scout an area, ping banners and weapons, and communicate with your squad about the path forward. Where Legends like Bloodhound and Seer excel at scouting a small area, Crypto can check all around him and his squad, while setting up his drone to keep watch.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing Crypto, it is important to remember that you will not always be in a gunfight. Try being as annoying as possible with your drone toward other Legends, forcing them to either stay scanned or destroy your drone before fighting your squad. If your drone is destroyed, then push into the fight with your team. Always remember to send your drone into the fight first.

Rebooting the system

An essential part of playing Crypto well is knowing when to use his Drone EMP ultimate. It can be easy to think that just using your ultimate the second you see an enemy is worth it, but that can actually stab you and your team in the back as the Drone EMP will stun friendlies. Instead, plan your attack around the EMP blast. Take your time positioning your drone and when the time is right use the blast to give your squad the opportunity to initiate a fight.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While it’s best to use the Drone EMP ultimate as an initiating ability, it can also be used in a pinch to turn a fight in your favor. If your squad is losing and they need to heal, use your EMP to practically stop everyone in the area, forcing them to rethink their attack. While this may stun you and your team, it can be useful as a last resort effort.

Crypto was made with the support player in mind. While you may not always get the most kills or the most damage, you will help your team more than any other Legend in the game. You and your drone are the difference between a loss and a win, so finding the proper information before any fight is absolutely necessary. When mastered, Crypto can prove to be one of the strongest Legends in the Apex Games.