How to win with Killjoy in Valorant – tips and strategies

You should run.

Image via Riot Games

The genius from Germany, Killjoy, is a mastermind at keeping enemies away from her and trapping them where they least expect it. With her wide variety of innovative abilities, Killjoy fills the sentinel role perfectly as she and her inventions can lock down a site and watch enemy flanks with ease. Wanting more than five teammates? Killjoys robots will help you find and debuff enemies before they can even react and make their escape.

Play with your robots

Killjoy comes equipped with deployable robots that make up your kit. Whether you want to hold a site and make it as difficult as possible for attackers to enter or have your robotic friends watch your teammates flank, Killjoy can get it done. That being said, your robots are meant to assist you, so be sure to play off their contact using your weapon of choice or your preplaced Nanoswarm Grenades to completely cut off an enemy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Using your abilities to cut off space, you can actually get pretty aggressive as Killjoy, holding angles on-site and baiting the enemies into you rather than hiding and waiting for an entry. With Killjoy’s Nanoswarm Grenades, be sure to throw them in places that are harder to get out of, like cubbies and corners. If you catch an enemy in your Nanoswarm Grenade, don’t be afraid to swing them and force them to fight you while taking damage from your grenade.

Lock them down

Killjoy’s Lockdown ultimate is one of the best ultimate in the game as it allows you and your team to take full control over an objective, whether that be on the attack or defend. Trying to make an easy entry onto site? Use your Lockdown to force enemies out of the objective. Trying to defend a fallen spike from the attackers and force them to take another path? Use your Lockdown to waste their time. Just be aware of any lurkers that choose to stay in your Lockdown radius for a sneaky kill.

Due to the power of Killjoy’s Lockdown, prioritize grabbing as many ultimate orbs as possible and communicate with your team to take spike plants and defuses. If done right, Killjoy can farm ultimate progress and have a Lockdown ready every couple of rounds. If you choose to farm ultimate orbs, be aware of lurking enemies as they might catch on to your strategy.