How to win with Skye in Valorant – tips and strategies

I’ve got your trail!

Image via Riot Games

Coming from the land down under, Skye is an aggressive initiator making waves in Valorant since her release. Unlike some initiators, Skye’s kit is made not only for getting her team in and gathering information but also for taking duals and catching enemy agents off guard. While other initiators such as Sova might be better for pure reconnaissance, Skye is always a good choice no matter what map or playstyle you might find yourself up against. Skye is fun to play but can take some effort to master, so here are some tips to help you win in your next game as Skye.

Initiate the round

Initiators are made for getting your entire team into a site and gathering information to help them succeed, something Skye excels at. Everything in her kit is excellent at helping your team push, but you must have the confidence and wherewithal to do it. First, always remember to use your Trailblazer ability. This ability is basically a running drone that can check several corners and find a site anchor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Next, remember that your Guiding Light flashes also give you an audio cue when you have flashed the enemy. This is part of what makes Skye as strong as she is. She has the only guidable flashes in the game, allowing you to gather information for yourself and your team from a distance. Skye’s ultimate Seekers also give your free info at the press of a button, finding enemies and stunning them for your team to chase down.

Choose the right time to dual

Skye can feel really good to play at times, often feeling like a light dualist instead of an initiator. While this is sometimes a good thing, remember that your utility is incredibly helpful to your team as well. Skye is one of only two agents so far that can heal her teammates, making her useful to keep alive. That being said, if you think you’ve got an enemy dead to rights with her flashes, then go for the frag. With the right mix of patience, confidence, and team play, Skye can be the backbone of any Valorant lobby, so long as you keep an initiator mindset.