How to write songs and make money off them in The Sims 4

Make money and become a singer/songwriter.

The life you live in The Sims 4 can be completely tailored to your skills and needs. There are countless activities your sim can do to better themselves, whether for money or just a hobby that increases their skill. For the musically gifted folks, here is how to write a song in The Sims 4.

Before your sim will be able to write their songs, there will be quite a lot of practicing in your future. You can’t expect them to just pick up a microphone and be the next superstar. Even after you reach the proper level, writing a song takes 12 hours before you can license and make money off it.

To get started, simply practice using any instrument. If you have various DLC packs, you will even be able to have instruments from those packs to practice. Whatever your sim has in their home will work. Be sure to practice your instrument in public locations. While doing so, you can play for tips, which contribute to your practice but can also bring in some money for bills. Continue practicing with them until they reach level eight with that instrument.

When you reach level eight, you can start writing songs. When you write a song with an instrument, there will be sheet music in your sims inventory, so you do not need to write the whole thing in one sitting. Just select it to pick up where you left off.

When you reach level nine, you can finally license that song for money. Use the mailbox to license a song. It will play for a week and get you between 200 and 800 simoleons each morning at 10AM. Each instrument can only have one song licensed on it at a time, so to make even more money, you will need to practice each instrument up to level nine.

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If your sim has a creativity aspiration, you can get muser. When your sim becomes inspired, they will gain a 40% increase in their skill gains while leveling creative skills. Use this to get your instruments to level nine faster so you can make more money.