How View Modes work in Apex Legends Mobile

Third-person is the default in this spinoff title.

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Image via EA

The beta for Apex Legends Mobile finally went live in India and the Philippines, and streamers from those regions gave the world a first look at what Apex Legends Mobile is going to look like. While the Apex Legends Mobile experience is vastly different than the experience you get from the game on console or PC, there still seems to be a good amount brought to the table by the budding mobile counterpart. One of the things the beta brought to the table was multiple view modes for the game.

Third-Person Mode

Third-Person Bloodhound
Image via Respawn

Apex Legends for PC and console has always been a first-person shooter, with the exception of the limited-time mode Third Person Mode, showcased for 48 hours in early 2020. It is now very possible that that mode was testing the waters for future Apex Legend Mobile development. While in this view mode, players are in third-person, they will still shift into a first-person view for Aim Down Sights (ADS). This will help players aim and hit their targets.

First-Person Mode

3rd and 1st POV Mobile
Images via Respawn

While it seems that third-person is encouraged for mobile gameplay, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a first-person mode. It may not be as easy and intuitive on mobile devices, but players can toggle to the traditional first-person view. The comparison in the image above shows the two modes side-by-side. That said, in the actual game, the placement of the HUD may cover a little more than desired in the first-person view mode.

Apex Legends Mobile is currently in beta in India and the Philippines.