How will Genesect’s burn drive, chill drive, douse drive, and shock drive work with Techno Blast in Pokémon Go?

We learn how Genesect’s drives work, and what that means for techno blast.

Image via Niantic

Genesect is an interesting Pokémon, and it’s a mixture of a Bug-type and Steel-type because it’s partially a machine. It’s capable of having different drives inside of it so that you use a specific move, Techno Blast, and it will have a unique typing. Traditionally, in the Pokémon games, you have Genesect hold a specific drive that determines that typing. In Pokémon Go, you can’t have your Pokémon hold items. There’s a particular workaround to this.

Genesect is mythical Pokémon, and you’ll only be able to capture it at certain times in five-star raids. When you battle and capture the Pokémon, it will have a particular moveset attached to it, and when it will know techno blast, that move will have a specific typing attached to it. However, for the start of these events, Genesect does not have techno blast. For example, the Genesect with a burn drive will have flamethrower in its moveset. We don’t know if trainers with this Pokémon will receive the techno blast (Fire-type) later, or it will be through a certain event.

These are all of the different techno blasts that are set to release for Genesect.

  • Fire-type
  • Ice-type
  • Water-type
  • Electric-type
  • Normal-type

So if you are looking to acquire a Genesect with a Fire-type techno blast, you want to battle it at a specific time while available. The Genesect with a burn drive is coming to five-star raids from January 5, 2021, to January 12. But it’s important to remember that it will have flamethrower right now, not techno blast. All of the techno blasts have the same stats attached to them, but they vary on typing, so expect them to come in the future. However, we do know the stats for techno blast.

These attacks will be available for limited times, so making sure you notice when Niantic releases a Genesect with a specific drive, you want to save your raid passes for it.

We don’t know the exact dates when every Genesect with a specific drive will come to five-star raids. The first appearance appears to be only for a week, so when they do appear, it will be for limited timed events, alongside other legendary Pokémon.