How will Triple Threat Online work in NBA 2K22

Protect those points.

Image via 2K Sports

NBA 2K22 is making a massive change to how rewards will work in Triple Threat Online for the popular MyTeam mode. In the past, players would get more rewards if they were able to win games. That meant newer or less skilled players would often get bounced out of the mode without winning much of anything. The skill gap that the system brought about could feel crushing at times for those players but ensured that the best players would get the best rewards. The 100 is set to potentially change that in a big way.

Essentially, each time you kick off a set of Triple Threat Online, you’re given 100 points to work with. After every game, win or lose, the number of points your opponent scored is subtracted from that 100 points. That means, even if you lose every single game, every player will hit the second tier of prizes before being reset to the bottom. For players who struggled to move up the prize board, that’s huge. That’s an opportunity to get real rewards while getting better at the game.

However, for skilled or veteran players, this change isn’t as rosy. Previously, they could rely on their skill to get them through tight games and continue to work their way up the board. Now, those tight games take them one step closer to having their prize board reset. Instead, they need to blow their opponent out, which is a much tougher task than what they were asked to do previously.

This makes it a strange change that seems to benefit casual players at the expense of the hardcore audience. It will certainly be something to pay attention to as Visual Concepts implements patches and changes to NBA 2K22 after it drops on September 10.