HuniePop 2 Shoes and Style Level guide

Walk a mile in those shoes.

HuniePop 2

Image via HuniePot

HuniePop 2 is filled with various gifts that you can give to the characters, and they all serve a different function. By giving shoes to the characters, you can increase Style level, which will result in more Power tokens appearing during the puzzle portions of the game.

Power tokens result in more affection when you make a token match, which will improve your scores, a vitally important part of the mid and late game if you want successful dates. You can also use the Hair Brush and Hair Dryer date gifts to increase your Style level, but this boost is temporary and only lasts for the date’s duration. To permanently boost your Style level, you will need to gift shoes to the various characters.

Shoes can be purchased in the store of Hunie Seeds, a currency that you earn from successful matches during dates. There are four different types of Hunie Seeds, and each one will have a diverse selection of shoes that you can buy using that currency. The store stock will rotate each day, so be sure to check in often to see what is available.

  • Talent
  • Flirtation
  • Romance
  • Sexuality

Shoes are non-date gifts, so can be giving to the characters outside of dates, the same as any other non-date gift in the game.

Which shoes to give each character

All the characters have four different shoes they like, and they will not accept any other type. They also have a nickname that gives you a clue about what to give them, as it will be written in the item’s description.

  • Abia “A Foreign Girl” – Floral Flats, Crafted Flats, Basic Flats, Cozy Flats
  • Ashley “A Fashion Model” – Zip-Up Gladiators, Weave Gladiators, Modest Gladiators, Strap Gladiators
  • Brooke “A Woman in Charge” – Wooden Wedges, Cork Wedges, Charcoal Wedges, Denom Wedges
  • Candace “An Exotic Dancer” – Neon Heels, Studded Heels, Clear Heels, Glittery Heels
  • Jessie “An Adult Actress” – Leopard Peep Toes, Ribbon Peep Toes, Angel Peep Toes, Plaid Peep Toes
  • Lailani “An Innocent Girl” – Palm Flip Flops, Aqua Flip Flops, Melon Flip Flops, Garden Flip Flops
  • Lillian “A Goth Girl” – Striped Booties, Suede Booties, Goth Booties, Satanic Booties
  • Lola “A Snow Bunny” – Heavy Boots, Fuzzy Boots, Knitted Boots, Seasonal Boots
  • Nora “A Tomboy” – Ballin’ Sneakers, High Top Sneakers, Training Sneakers, Airy Sneakers
  • Polly “A Classy Gal” – Classy Pumps, Polka Dot Pumps, Shiny Pumps, Girly Pumps
  • Sarah “A Japanophile” – Rainbow Platforms, Star Platforms, Geta Platforms, Candy Platforms
  • Zoey “A Cyber Chick” – Sacred Boots, Astro Boots, Hydro Boots, Sherbet Boots