Immortal Life Cooking Guide – All Recipes, Effects, & Where to Find Them

Become the ultimate chef and conquer the best cooking mini game in the new cozy farming game Immortal Life.

Immortal Life cooking

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Cooking is a fundamental part of the Immortal Life gameplay, and this game brings new life to the classic farming game mechanic. Collect the recipes, master the mini-game, and use the fruits of your labor to conquer monsters.

Cooking is a complex process in Immortal Life, almost as complex as real-life cooking, but in this instance, I’m really excited to spend hours in the kitchen instead of the very real kitchen ten feet away. Players will have to craft special ingredients to combine with their crops to create simple and complex dishes. This guide will be able to help with everything players will need to become a culinary expert.

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This Guide Is A Work in Progress And Will Continue To Update As We Get New Information

Immortal Life Cooking Mini Game

Immortal life cooking mini game
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The cooking mechanic in Immortal Life has evolved from a quick tap of a button to a full-blown mini-game that is as fun as it is ruthless. Players will be able to use full-size kitchens to chop, fry, mix, knead, steam, and boil food to create dishes one step at a time. They can either make their own dishes to keep or work in the kitchen at the Sunset Inn for money.

The mini-game is a timed event where the longer a player takes to make the dish or set of dishes, the lower the quality of dish they create. It is on a three-star scale with the Normal, Excellent, and Perfect tiers. It is not a forgiving mini-game. If the player makes one mistake in the cooking process, they have to throw it out and start over.

Cooking Locations in Immortal Life

Players will be able to use the Sunset Inn’s kitchen after talking with Mu Xia. They will rent the kitchen for 200 Spirit Shards and will be able to use it throughout the day when they want. As the Guiyun Sect grows, players will be able to unlock the sect’s kitchen.

Special Ingredients for Cooking in Immortal Life

There are a few special ingredients that need to be crafted or bought that are unique to Immortal Life. Below is the list of those ingredients.

NameHow to MakeSelling PricePurchase PricePurchase Location
Immortal Life Black vinegarBlack VinegarFermentation JarC: 65
S: 100
85 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall
Immortal Life pickled veggiePickled VeggieFermentation JarTBDTBDTBD
Immortal Life Bean Curd Bean CurdStone MillC: 65
85 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall
Immortal Life Potato FlourPotato FlourStone MillC: 85
115 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall
Immortal Life Minced PepperMinced Pepper3x Peppers + Stone MillTBDTBDTBD
Immortal Life WineQingling Fruit WineFermentation JarC: TBD
S: 475
Immortal Life WineFlower Honey WineFermentation JarTBDTBDTBD
Immortal Life Dried Black CarpDried Back Carp1x Black Carp + Air Drying RackTBDTBDTBD
Immortal Life Cane SugarCane SugarStone MillC: 90
120 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall
Immortal Life Liquor LiquorFermentation JarC: 320
S: 480
420 Spirit ShardsSunset Inn
Immortal Life Preserved CababgePreserved CabbageCabbage + Fermentation JarTBDTBDTBD
Immortal Life Soy sauceSoy Sauce5x Soybean + Fermentation JarC: 70
S: 105
95 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall
Immortal Life Wheat FlourWheat Flour15x Wheat + Stone MillC: 75
100 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall
Immortal Life Yellow WineYellow WineFermentation JarC: 290
380 Spirit ShardsSunset Inn

Cooking Recipes in Immortal Life

Immortal Life recipes
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Cooking recipes can be gathered from Mu Xia at the Sunset Inn. There players will need the required ingredients in the recipe to unlock the recipe. Once it is unlocked, players will be able to select it from the Cooking Menu when they are in the kitchen. Each dish will have certain effects that will help the players, including restoring stamina and increasing defense and offense.

Veggie Congee2x Bok choy; 2x RiceTBD
Rice Cake2x Sticky Rice FlourTBD
Pork & Veggie Wonton2x Wheat Flour; 2x Pork; 2x Bok choyTBD
Jujube Cake2x Wheat Flour; 2x JujubeTBD
Four-color Fried Rice4x Rice; 2x Krill; 2x Ice Bean; 2x EggTBD
Beef Shaomai2x Wheat Flour; 2x BeefTBD
LinagpiWheat Flour; Cucumber; Black VinegarTBD
Chinese Rice Pudding4x Jujube; 4x Azuki Bean; 2x Cane Sugar; 4x Sticky RiceTBD
Crucian Carp Soup6x Crucian CarpTBD
Bilong Tea10x Guyu TeaTBD
Yanduxian6x Spring Bamboo; 2x Pork; 2x Cured PorkTBD
Steamed Egg2x Egg; 2x ScallionTBD
Braised Chicken2x Shiitake; 2x Bell Pepper; 4x ChickenTBD
Braised Pork2x Pork; 2x Scallion; 2x Liquor; 2x Soy SauceTBD
Stir-fried Pork with Wood Ear4x Egg; 2x Pork; 4x Cucumber; 4x Wood EarTBD
Shredded Pork with Pickled Veggie2x Pickled Veggie; 2x PorkTBD
Spicy and Sour Shredded Radish4x Potato; 2x Red Chili; 2x Black VinegarTBD
Braised Bamboo Shoots4x Spring Bamboo Shoot; 2x Soy SauceTBD
Cucumber Salad4x Cucumber; 2x Soy SauceTBD
Stir-fried Veggies4x Bok choy; 4x ShiitakeTBD
Good Luck2x Potato Flour’ 2x Soybean SproutTBD
Steamed Hot Fish Head4x Spotted Silver Carp; 2x Minced Pepper; 2x Scallion; 2x GingerTBD
Dry Braised Frog4x Frog; 2x Bell Pepper; 2x Minced PepperTBD
Steamed Bighead Carp4x Bighead CarpTBD
Stir-fried Pork with Chili4x Bell Pepper; 2x PorkTBD
Stir-fried Sliced Pork with Cabbage2x Cabbage; 2x PorkTBD
Stir-fried Potato with Tomato4x Tomato; 4x PotatoTBD
Steamed Egg with Minced Pork2x Pork; 4x EggTBD
Stir-fried Mushroom6x Shiitake; 6x Ghost MushroomTBD
Soybean Sprouts with Chopped Scallions2x Scallion; 2x Soybean SproutTBD
Shredded Potato with Bell Pepper4x Bell Pepper; 2x PotatoTBD
Hot and Sour Soup2x Winter Bamboo Shoot; 2x Pork; 2x Shiitake; 2x Bean CurdTBD
Sesame Tofu2x Bean Curd; 2x Beef; 2x Scallion; 2x Minced PepperTBD
Stir-fried Shredded Pork2x Pork; 2x Winter Bamboo Shoot; 2x Red Chili; 2x Wood EarTBD
Deep-fried Dough Sticks2x Wheat FlourTBD
Baked Scallion Pancake 2x Wheat Flour; 2x ScallionTBD
Sweet Spring Roll2x Wheat Flour; 2x Cabbage; 2x PorkTBD
Dragon Beard Candy2x Cane Sugar; 2x Sticky Rice Flour; 2x Mixed HoneyTBD
Jujube, Tremella and Lotus seed Soup2x Scarlet Sage; 4x Jujube; 2x White wood ear; 4x Lotus HeadTBD
Boiled White Wood Ear2x Chicken; 2x Cabbage; 2x Scarlet SageTBD
Steamed Mitten Crab2x Ginger; 2x Black Vinegar; 2x Chinese Mitten Crab (male); 2x Chinese Mitten Crab (female)TBD
Spicy Crayfish6x Crayfish; 6x Minced pepper; 6x JasmineTBD
Sweet and Sour Carp4x Carp; 2x Cane Sugar; 2x Black VinegarTBD
Fried Yellow Perch2x Yellow Perch; 2x Carrot; 2x Ghost MushroomTBD
Braised Chicken and Snake2x Golden Soft Shelled Turtle; 2x ChickenTBD
Orange Jasmine Cake2x Sticky Rice Flour; 2x Orange Jasmine Honey; 2x Orange Jasmine; 2x Celestial JasmineTBD
Sesame Sticky Rice Balls2x Sticky Rice Flour; 2x Black Sesame SeedTBD
Sticky Rice Balls with Meat2x Sticky Rice Flour; 2 PorkTBD
Fried Rice with Mushroom2x Rice; 2x Carrot; 2x Shiitake; 2x Ice BeanTBD
Golden Turtle2x Golden Soft Shelled Turtle; 2x Iron Stick Yam; 2x Scarlet SageTBD
Mushroom Soup4x Ghost Mushroom; 4x Shiitake; 2x Wood EarTBD
Sauteed Potato, Green Pepper and Eggplant4x Purple Eggplant; 4x Bell Pepper; 4x PotatoTBD
Stir Fried Sweet Potato2x Iron Stick Yam; 2x CarrotTBD
Grass Jelly4x Anima Herb; 2x Mixed Honey; 2x Azuki Bean; 2x JujubeTBD
Golden Melon Porridge8x Rice; 2x Sticky Rice; 2x Yellow MelonTBD
Steamed Bun1x Wheat FlourRestores 50 Stamina
Xiaolongbao1x Wheat Flour; 1x PorkRestores 98 Stamina
Fresh Meat Zongzi1x Soy Sauce; 1x Pork; 1x Reed Leaf; 1x Sticky RiceRestores 131 Stamina
Azuki Bean Zongzi1x Azuki Bean; 1x Cane Sugar; 1x Reed Leaf; 1x Sticky RiceRestores 121 Stamina
Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes2x Egg; 2x TomatoRestores 85 Stamina
Double-cooked Pork1x Pork; 1x Bell Pepper; 1x CabbageBasic attack damage increased by 35% for 2h
Steamed Sea Bass2x Sea Bass; 1x Scallion; 1x GingerRestores 131 Stamina
Boiled Fish with Pickled Veggie and Chili2x Carp; 2x Pickled VeggieRestores 131 Stamina
Shrimp Omelet4x Krill; 2x EggRestores 131 Stamina
Braised Silver Carp2x Bighead Carp; 1x Soy SauceRestores 78 Stamina