Immortal Life Farming Guide – All Crops, Seeds, & Mutations

Players will become masters at farming with classic tools and a touch of magic with this Immortal Life Farming Guide.

Immortal Life Farming

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Dressed in fantasy, Immortal Life has a ton of content for players to explore and complete, but at its core, it’s a cozy farming game. Players will need to know what to farm, how to get seeds, and more if they are going to successfully rebuild the Guiyun Sect and make it flourish.

There are 18 days for every season in Immortal Life. While crops do have suitable seasons to grow them, all crops can be grown all year long. Growing them in their suitable seasons will increase the chances of better quality crops being grown. While players should strategize when they plant crops, the game seems forgiving, a perk to take advantage of when many quests require specific crops all year round.

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This Guide Is A Work in Progress And Will Continue To Update As We Get New Information

Farming With Tools & Magic in Immortal Life

Immortal Life Magic
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Immortal Life offers a unique feature to its farming mechanics. It includes the basic watering can, in this case, a watering gourd, and hoe. Immortal Life introduces the use of magic, making farming a lot more faster and efficient. The use of magic frees players up to complete other tasks and quests instead of spending most of their day tending to the fields.

However, players are introduced to a watering spell right away, making it possible to water multiple crops in one go instead of having to work their way up to enhance or upgrade their watering gourd. Players will also learn a spell that will let them plant multiple seeds at the same time instead of planting them individually.

Eventually, players will be able to craft Octopath Wells and Modified Octowells. These are Immortal Life’s version of sprinklers, which are obtainable pretty early on in the game. They water a three by three square of space.

As players go through the game, Wei Hong will send them a message claiming that he has an idea for a new watering system. Players will need to go to him to unlock the Octopath Well blueprint. Sometime later, he will send a similar message saying he has created the Modified Octowells. Players will be able to craft both at their workshop in Misty Valley.

  • Octopath Wells: 4x Lumber, 4x Stone, 4x Black Sand
  • Modified Octowells: 1x Octopathwell, 2x Superior Lumber, 8x Obsidian

All Crop Tiers & How to Get Them

Crops have three different tiers Common, Good, and Superior. The tier of crop is random with the higher tiers dropping less than the Common tier. While all crops can be grown year-round, crops grown in their suitable season will yield more high-quality crops.

All Crop & Seeds – Where to Get Them

All crop seeds in Immortal Life can be bought from various stores located in the Ferry Stop market when they are unlocked or discovered. One of the locations to buy seeds is the Qiongzhen Pavilion, a store owned by the Guiyun Sect. The store will expand as more trade roots are open, unlocking many of the seeds. Below is a list of all the seeds, their growth information, where to find them, and crop information.

NameQuantity OutputGrow PeriodRegrowthSuitable SeasonCropSeed Purchase PriceLocation
Immortal Life Anima SeedsAnima Fruit Seed3-45 DaysYesSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterAnima Fruit145 Spirit ShardsMedicine Shop & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Azuki Bean SeedAzuki Bean Seed3-56 DaysYesSummer, FallAzuki Bean155 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall (Solar Term Special Offer)
Immortal Life Bell Pepper SeedBell Pepper Seed2-34 DaysYesSummer, FallBell Pepper135 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Bok Choy SeedBok choy Seed1-24 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterBok choy32 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Brassica SeedBrassica Seed1-24 DaysNoSpring, WinterBrassica Flower85 Spirit ShardsMedicine Shop & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Cabbage SeedCabbage Seed15 DaysNoSpring, Summer,Fall, WinterCabbage60 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Carrot SeedCarrot Seed16 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterCarrotTBDVegetable Stall “Solar Term Special Offer)
Immortal Life Chrysanthemum SeedsChrysanthemums Seed15 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterChrysanthemumsTBDQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Cucumber Seed Cucumber Seeds3-44 DaysYesSummerCucumberTBDVegetable Stall (Solar Term Special Offer)
Immortal Life Ginger SeedlingGinger Seedling3-45 DaysNoSpring, SummerGinger88 Spirit ShardsQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Ice Bean SeedIce Bean Seed3-56 DaysYesFall, WinterIce BeanTBDQiongzhen Pavilion & Wondering Vendor
Jujube SeedJujube Seed3-44 DaysYesSpring, Summber, FallJujube175 Spirit ShardsMedicine Shop & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Mulberry SeedMulberry Seed4-63 DaysYesSpring, Summer, FallMulberry Leaf48 Spirit ShardsMedicine Shop & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Orange Jasmine SeedOrange Jasmine Seed3-44 DaysYesSpring, FallOrange JasmineTBDQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Persimmon SeedPersimmon Seed2-35 DaysNoFallPersimmonTBDQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Potato SeedPotato Seed2-35 DaysNoSpring, FallPotato45 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Purple Sugarcane SeedPurple Sugarcane Seed2-35 DaysNoSpring, FallPurple SugarcaneTBDQionzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Red Chili SeedRed Chili Seed3-53 DaysYesSummer, FallRed ChiliTBDQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Rice SeedRice Seed2-43 DaysNoSpring, SummerRice40 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Rose SeedRose Seed2-35 DaysNoSpring, Summer, FallBlack, Blue, Red, White, Yellow RoseTBDQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Scallion SeedScallion Seed3-44 DaysNoSpringScallion54 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Soulgrass SeedSoulgrass Seed15 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterSoulgrassTBDQiongzhen Pavilion & Wandering Vendor
Immortal Life SoybeanSoybean Seed4-53 DaysYesSpring, Summer, FallSoybean64 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzehn Pavilion
Immortal Life Sticky RiceSticky Rice Seed2-43 DaysNoSpring, SummerSticky RiceTBDVegetable Stall (Solar Term Special Offer)
Immortal Life Sunflower SeedSunflower Seed17 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterSunflowerTBDQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Tianli Root SeedTianli Root Seed16 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterTianli RootTBDQiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Tomato SeedTomato Seed3-45 DaysYesSummerTomato125 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Wheat SeedWheat Seed2-43 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterWheat24 Spirit ShardsVegetable Stall & Qiongzhen Pavilion
Immortal Life Winter Melon SeedWinter Melon Seed17 DaysNoSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterWinter MelonTBDVegetable Stall

Mutant Crops in Immortal Life

Mutant crops are a rare drop that randomly occurs. These mutant crops could be a simple as an alternate color of the original crop of turn into an almost completely different crop. All farmable items will have a mutant version that players can collect.

Mutant crops are valuable to the Wandering Vendor. They also are worth a bit more when selling to vendors. The following are all crops, their mutants and pricing.

CropMutant CropCrop Selling PriceMutant Selling Price
Immortal Life Anima Fruit
Anima Fruit
Immortal Life Spirit Fruit
Spirit Fruit
C: 30
G: 36
S: 42
240 Spirit Shards
Immortal Life Azuki Bean
Azuki Bean
Immortal Life Black Bean
Black Bean
C: 40
G: 48
S: 56
Immortal Life Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Immortal Life Small Pepper
Small Pepper
C: 55
G: 66
S: 77
Immortal Life Bok Choy
Bok choy
Immortal Life Red Bok choy
Red Bok choy
C: 55
G: 66
S: 77
250 Spirit Shards
Immortal Life Brassica Flower
Brassica Flower
Immortal Life Brassica Fruit
Brassica Fruit
C: 105
G: 126
S: 147
Immortal Life Cabbage
Immortal Life Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage
TBD190 Spirit Shards
Immortal Life Carrot
Immortal Life Long Carrot
Long Carrot
C: 145
G: 174
S: 203
Immortal Life Chrysanthemums
Immortal Life Chrysanthemum Flower
Chrysanthemum Flower
Immortal Life Cucumber
Immortal Life Green Melon
Green Melon
C: 20
G: 24
S: 28
Immortal Life Ginger
Immortal Life Black Ginger
Black Ginger
C: 50
G: 60
S: 70
300 Spirit Shards
Immortal Life Ice Bean
Ice Bean
Immortal Life Snow Bean
Snow Bean
Immortal Life Jujube
Immortal Life Green Jujube
Green Jujube
C: 30
45 Spirit Shards
Immortal Life Mulberry Leaf
Mulberry Leaf
Immortal Life Mulberry Fruit
Mulberry Fruit
C: 5
G: 6
S: 7
Immortal Life Orange Jasmine
Immortal Life Celestial Jasmine
Celestial Jasmine
Immortal Life Persimmon
Immortal Life Moyu Persimmon
Moyu Persimmon
Immortal Life Potato
Immortal Life Super Potato
Super Potato
C: 35
G: 42
S: 49
Immortal Life Purple Sugarcane
Purple Sugarcane
Immortal Life Sugarcane
Immortal Life Red Chili
Red Chili
Immortal Life Purple Chili
Purple Chili
Immortal Life Rice
Immortal Life Super Rice
Super Rice
C: 30
G: 36
S: 42
Immortal Life Rose
Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow Rose
Immortal Life Golden Rose
Golden Rose
Immortal Life Scallion
Immortal Life Green Onion
Green Onion
C: 30
G: 36
S: 42
Immortal Life Soulgrass
Immortal Life Earth Herb
Earth Herb
Immortal Life Divine Herb
Divine Herb
G: 264
Immortal Life Soybean
Immortal Life Green Soybean
Green Soybean
TBD20 Spirit Shards
Immortal Life Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice
Immortal Life Super Sticky Rice
Super Sticky Rice
C: 45
G: 54
S: 63
Immortal Life Sunflower
Immortal Life Red Sunflower
Red Sunflower
Immortal Life Tianli Root
Tianli Root
Immortal Life Danxin Root
Danxin Root
Immortal Life Tomato
Immortal Life Ginseng Fruit
Ginseng Fruit
Immortal Life Wheat
Immortal Life Super Wheat
Super Wheat
C: 20
G: 24
S: 28
Immortal Life Winter Melon
Winter Melon
Immortal Life Yellow Melon
Yellow Melon