Immortal Life Guide – Beginner Tips, Romance & Walkthroughs

Immortal Life challenges farming sim fans with a packed game, here is how to tackle everything from marriage to farming.

Immortal Life

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With a fresh spin in content, Immortal Life is a new addition to the cozy farming genre that players should be excited about. This game is jam-packed with quests to fulfill, a city to rebuild, and, of course, crops to farm.

Immortal Life is a Chinese farming game that is filled with an enchanting culture. It puts a unique spin on the farming game genre that makes the experience fresh after many games that start to blend together with their commonality. Its art is adorable and the characters are lovable. It’s a game that is easy to sink a lot of time into and not realize how much time has passed.

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Immortal Life Guides

Immortal Life Character Menu
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There are a lot of items, crafting stations, buildings, and quests in Immortal Life. Some items are much easier to find than others and some quests are not as apparent to solve. Here is the list of individual guides to help players get the most out of the game. This will contain everything you need to know for Immortal Life.


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What Is Immortal Life?

Immortal Life Main Hall
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Immortal Life follows a character invited to the Guiyun Sect, a Chinese cultivation sect, to utilize the rich farming land of the Misty Valley. Cultivation is a Taoist concept where it is believed that people can extend their lifespan and gain supernatural powers by learning and mastering a combination of martial and mystical arts which involves the cultivation of Qi and meditation. This usually leads to the ultimate goal of achieving an immortal life.

With this mix of cultivation and farming, the game contains a combination of a magical farming system and strategic fights with monsters. Players can cultivate in the game to enhance the character’s MP, HP, and Stamina as they rise through the ranks of the Guiyun Sect.

Immortal Life Cost, Platforms, and Where To Buy

Immortal Life is a PC Game available on Steam for $16.99. So far the game is not available for other consoles. It is possible it will be available for other consoles like the Switch in the future.

Is Immortal Life LGBT+ Friendly?

Immortal Life Romance options
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Yes, there is LGBT romance in Immortal Life. The game leaves all romanceable characters open as options no matter the gender the player chooses. All characters on the Friends List in the Menu of the game are romanceable and so far it doesn’t matter what gender the characters are, they will explode with hearts every time I give them a gift.

However, there isn’t much of a variety of character creation and gender options for the game. Players are stuck with choosing either male or female with no other gender options available. I’m hoping that at some point that will change but with the strict censorship laws in China, it may not be possible.

Immortal Life Beginner Tips

There is a lot of content jammed into Immortal Life, and tackling it all can be a bit overwhelming at first. These are some tips for those who are just starting the game and need a little help on where to start.

  • Save about half your crops instead of selling everything. Immortal Life is just begging for reasons to give you money and it will find a way. I have had characters just give me money without prompting through the letter communication and it’s not a small amount. However, cooking is a huge aspect in this game with a unique and thrilling cooking mini game. Food is important as it will restore HP and Stamina as well as boost attack damage and defense. Save food for cooking and unlocking more recipes.
  • Ji Yaohua is important to expanding everything. Ji Yaohua is the money and business genius of the game. Make sure to complete her quests as they will lead to more expansion opportunities as well as unlock more items like crops, weapons, and house decor. Give her a shop and this girl will rule the economy which will benefit you in the long run. She is also more likely to give you money because business for the Guiyun Sect is going well.
  • Complete the Main Hall as soon as possible. The Main Hall is going to open up more helpful mechanics and ultimately is the catalyst for progressing to the rest of the game. The Main Hall will open up seasonal allowances consisting of seeds and money that will increase based on your cultivation rank. It will also open up the option to recruit characters to help collect rare items for you.
  • Utilize the characters as much as possible. Some characters will be able to gather rare items for players. Use them as much as possible because their services make your life so much easier. Li Mengqin is especially important as she will be able to collect rare materials important to rebuilding the Guiyun Sect, the player’s house, and building crafting stations.