In Silence: How to equip a bush

Blend in with your surroundings with the handy bush in In Silence.

You’re going to want to find ways to blend in during In Silence, as your monstrous enemy cannot see very well. Now, you probably assume that this means you need to find spots for you to hide in, but you can actually hide in plain sight with the right equipment: a bush.

A bush is like a ghillie suit, it’s this outfit that you can find in the game that you wear to make yourself look like one of the many shrubs around the game’s map. Given the monster’s terrible eyesight, if you are not moving while wearing a bush, it can easily mistake you for just a plant.

The real trick is just finding a bush, but they are scattered around the game so keep on the lookout. Once you have found one, all you have to do is press E to equip it to one of your two inventory slots. Once you have done that, you will automatically be wearing the bush and are ready to go.

Just keep in mind that it takes up half of your inventory, which limits the number of objective items you can carry.