The Index guide for Warframe – how to win games fast

Get rich or die trying.

The Index

The Index is a fantastic way to earn Credits in Warframe and is one of the best time investments players can put into the game when it comes to gathering up this important currency. The Index takes place on Neptune and is run by Nef Anyo, the Corpus representative.

In The Index, players wager a set amount of Credits, and if they win the match, they will receive back large amounts of Credits, but if they lose, they will lose their initial wager. They will take on a team of high ranking Corpus enemies. When you kill an enemy or die, a shard is dropped that represents one point. Picking this up allows you to deposit it in the goal, scoring the point for your team.

There should be four players on your team, but if nobody else is playing the mode, you will get AI help in the form of computer-controlled Warframes.

There are three levels of risk you can buy in at, but newer players are advised to go Low Risk, while veterans will farm High Risk games for the greater return on investment.

  • Low Risk – costs 30,000 to play, returns 105,000 if you win.
  • Medium Risk – costs 40,000 to play, returns 175,000 if you win.
  • High Risk – costs 50,00 to play, returns 250,000 if you win.

You need to score a different amount of points at each level to win the game.

  • Low Risk – 50 points
  • Medium Risk – 75 Points
  • High Risk – 100 Points

How to Score Points

Killing enemies will cause them to drop shards, which you can pick up by moving over them. They will then orbit your player model until you run into the marked goal, scoring a point for your team. You can hold multiple shards at once, which will give you a bonus based on how many you hold.

The most efficient number of point to deposit is 15, as this is when the benefit of holding more shards, and the bonus shards you get from it, begins to diminish. All players should be looking to deposit their points when it hits 15 (23 in total, due to a bonus of 8 points) to finish the event as quickly as possible.

How to kill enemies

Warframe energy tends to be limited in this mode, so you will be relying on your weapons a lot. The Corpus enemies are quite tough, so weapons that will one-shot them are a good idea. A well modded Tigris Prime or Sancti Tigris is seen as the go-to weapon for most people, but anything you have that is strong will do the trick.

Because enemies are all Corpus, you want to use Magnetic damage against shields or something like Slash, which will bleed their health. Some of the enemies are quite heavily armored, so Corrosive is also a great option, and Corrosive Projection Aura mods should be standard.

The time it takes to kill enemies should dictate which Risk level you play at. The longer it takes you to kill things, the longer the matches, and the lower your efficiency for learning Credits.

Which Warframes to use

The two standout Warframes in this mode are Limbo and Rhino. Limbo can use his cataclysm to act as a goalkeeper, defending your own goal and stopping the enemy from scoring. Rhino can use his Iron Skin to pretty much be invincible and ignore the many crowd control effects that enemies will have, making him an excellent option for carrying Index points. His Iron Skin also allows him to ignore Financial Stress from carrying points, which will reduce the max health and shield values of Warframes at Medium and High risk.

Revenant can also be a great option, as his Mesmer Skin ability will act much like Rhino’s Iron Skin, stopping Financial Stress.

One important thing to note is that winnings from the Index can be affected by Credit Boosters, making them a great tool if you want to dedicate a couple of days to farming Credits.