Is Arma Reforger cross platform/crossplay?

Know where you can play and who with.


Image via Bohemia Interactive

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Arma Reforger’s announcement and release were both a surprise to the community. Even more surprising was the fact that the game is available on PC, where Arma has had a home for decades, and Xbox consoles via Xbox Game Preview. This guide explains how crossplay works with Arma Reforger and whether it supports cross platform progression and saves.

Does Arma Reforger support cross platform progression/save files?

Image via Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that Arma Reforger supports cross platform progression and save files. Everything you do on PC can impact your Xbox profile, providing you log into both platforms using your Bohemia Interactive account. You can create an account in-game from the main menu and then use the details to log into the other platform once set up. This will enable you to continue progressing your profile, earning experience and recognition for your actions wherever you play.

Does Arma Reforger have crossplay?

Image via Bohemia Interactive

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if Arma Reforger has crossplay between PC and Xbox, but it doesn’t look likely. The game is in early access on both platforms, and while it may support cross platform progression, having both platforms play with or against one another is a different matter entirely. During our early press briefing with Bohemia Interactive, we weren’t told explicitly if the game does or will ever have functional crossplay.

However, it does seem that Bohemia Interactive wants to bring crossplay to the game. The scope for Arma Reforger is enormous, and the developer is committed to making it the best it possibly can be over the course of its year of early access. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will have crossplay by the time it launches out of early access, it’s still a possibility until then, unless Bohemia Interactive says otherwise.