Is Atomic Heart on Xbox Game Pass?

Is the game available on Xbox’s streaming service?

Image via Mundfish

Atomic Heart is an FPS that features one of the most uniquely bizarre and intriguing settings we’ve seen in recent memory. Players explore an alternate version of Russia, filled with killer robots, weird and unique creatures, weapons, and locations to discover. It’s likely many players will be interested in jumping into this different kind of shooter, but may be unsure of paying full price for something so avant-garde and will be wondering: Is Atomic Heart on Xbox Game Pass? We’ve got the answer for you here.

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Is Atomic Heart available on Xbox Game Pass?

Atomic Heart is available on Xbox Game Pass for both console, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming for Games Pass subscribers, meaning no matter the system you choose, you can dive into this weirdly unique FPS. It is currently unknown how long the game will be available on Game Pass, but we can expect it to be accessible for a similar amount of time to other third-party titles on the service. It should also be noted that the version on Xbox Game Pass is the standard edition of the game and does not include any DLC or preorder bonuses.

Atomic Heart is the first title from developer Mundfish and takes place in an alternate version of 1950s Russia, where technology has advanced rapidly and sees robots, the internet, holograms, and other technological advancements already invented, You play Major Nechaev, codenamed P-3, a KGB special agent who is tasked with investigating a secret scientific facility that has gone silent. On arrival, everything is in utter turmoil, and it’s up to your to explore the mad and utopian world of facility 3826 to find out what happened, and discover its secrets.

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The game has been on many players’ radars for quite some time and has had a relatively good reception, but that’s not to say it’s been free of controversy. Recent allegations towards the studio have included questions regarding the game funding, with some worried the studio was taking funding from Russian authorities, something the studio has neither confirmed nor denied. They also had to defend themselves against allegations of collecting user data and providing it to the Russian government. This is on top of player concerns that buying the game may indirectly be funding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.