Is crossplay supported in NBA 2K21?

Does the NBA 2K series finally offer cross-platform functionality?

Is crossplay supported in NBA 2K21

Image via 2K Games

NBA 2K21 is more fun with friends. Shooting hoops with your mates in multiplayer is something every player will do at some point in the game’s life cycle. Your friends, though, won’t necessarily be gaming on the same platform as you, which would have caused problems in the past.

With the arrival of crossplay, however, gamers on different systems can squad up and play games together regardless of what platform they are playing on. As NBA 2K21 is a multi-platform release, you might expect the basketball sim to support cross-platform functionality.

Unfortunately, NBA 2K21 does not have crossplay. We know this because 2K stated as much during a roundtable interview ahead of its launch. When asked about whether NBA 2K21 would have cross-platform functionality, 2K said: “As far as cross-platform play, we are not supporting that in NBA 2K21.”

That will be disappointing for NBA 2K fans to hear, but it isn’t a surprising decision. 2K has never offered cross-platform support in the NBA 2K series. While it would have been interesting to see them reverse that decision and implement crossplay in this year’s edition, they have not. If you want to game online with your friends, you will all have to plat NBA 2K21 on the same system. Otherwise, you’ll be out of luck.