Is a safe and legit site for Roblox codes? Answered

“Free Robux” aren’t always free, nor are they often safe.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Robux are the premium currency of Roblox, and can only be legitimately earned by either exchanging real-world money with the game’s creator or contributing to Roblox’s game creation system. When a website or service offers a way to earn Robux “for free” without having to pay up for them, the deal for some players can often feel too good to be true. For third-party, unofficial Robux websites like Damonbux, it most likely is.

Is Damonbux safe?

Image via Roblox

When googling “Damonbux,” it’s likely that there won’t even be a link found for its “official” website. Searching directly for will redirect to a website that calls itself RBXPurple and Buxarmy at the same time.

Damonbux’s knack to avoid public notice should raise at least a few red flags. A legitimate offer would want to advertise itself to as many people as possible, and wouldn’t hide away from Google searches or switch between website URLs to keep people off of its tracks.

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Proceeding further into Damonbux requires that players enter their Roblox usernames. What it is that the site does with entered usernames or how they use them is unknown. In any case, Roblox advises against using personal or account information on any and all third-party sites, meaning that further use of Damonbux isn’t recommended.

Should players still decide to enter their usernames, they’ll be prompted with surveys to fill out and complete. While Damonbux is likely to sell this survey data to other third parties, we cannot confirm if players actually earn Robux in return for their time and effort. To be safe, and to avoid wasting time, we recommend that players gain their Robux through official means, rather than look elsewhere for free Robux offers.