Is Death Stranding Multiplayer?

There’s a massive world in Death Stranding. It’s up to the main character, Sam Porter Bridges, to reconnect it all together on the chiral network. It’s going to take quite a bit of work. He has to visit all of the places on foot and several vehicles, while also making deliveries. These deliveries are vital because they’re how these locations get their supplies. There’s a lot of hard work behind these orders. While players are out there in the world, are they going to see other players, and can players work together online?

Is Death Stranding Multiplayer?

The game is multiplayer in an extremely passive manner. Yes, players can assist one another, but they’re not going to do it by physically being there in another player’s world. Instead, it’s all about what players leave behind in their world for others to use and how they leave their mark in the game.

For example, when players use one of the tools to get around an obstacle, the object could get used in another player’s game. If a player uses a ladder or a rope to make it across a river, they can choose to leave that item behind. Most of the game, players want to do this because they might find their way back the same way and to use it again. By leaving the ladder or rope behind, another player in their game can make use of it.

When a player uses the placed tool, they can choose to rapidly hit their controller’s touchpad to give the player who left it behind Likes. These Likes serve as a way for players to increase their standing as a porter. The more structures, pieces of equipment, and tools players leave behind to assist other players, the more Likes they can receive.

So yes, Death Stranding does have a multiplayer element, and it’s an incredibly important one. Without it, some players may have to carry an excessive amount of resources and tools to consistently build stuff during their journey. While they are encouraged to make some while they progress through their path, they can also use what other players were kind enough to leave behind. However, again, players cannot directly interact or see each other in the game. It’s as passive multiplayer addition that binds the game together.

If you’re looking to trade with other porters, make sure to create a Postbox somewhere or leave any tools and equipment you’re not going to use in the Shared Locker.