Is Discord down? How to check the server status

Discord servers might be experiencing some problems right now, and this guide shows you how to find out if the servers are online or not.

Image via Discord

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Discord is one of the most popular platforms for various communities to meet. Streamers, websites, and countless other groups maintain servers on the platform, some holding pretty high populations, but the servers might not always work.

As with any online service, Discord’s servers are prone to crashing now and again. When this happens, you won’t be able to access your favorite channels. If you’re experiencing issues accessing Discord, here’s how you can check the server status to see if the issue is something on Discord’s end.

Are the Discord Servers Down? How to Check

Image via Epic Games

From what we can tell, select locations on Discord are down, but not everyone is having this problem. My Discord is working fro me, but several other friends of mine have shared that they’re having issues, and this could be hinting at a larger problem about to happen.

We’ll want to double-check the server status to see how widespread this Discord outage could be. The first place you should check is Discord’s server status page. This web page will communicate the current server status and display any outages that might have occurred over the past 90 days.

During outages, the company may also provide updates regarding each outage on this page, such as whether or not it has identified the cause of an ongoing outage. Alternatively, you could refer to Discord’s social media channels. The company’s Twitter account will send out updates when widespread server issues occur. However, for the current downtime on December 14, 2023, it does not look like Discord has updated its status page.

It might be because the effects of these problems could be only now showing up. Not everyone could be experiencing it, too, which means only a handful of players are encountering these problems. They’re still problems, though, and the Discord team is likely working at full capacity to seek out the problem and figure out the solution. Problems like this happen relatively frequently for multiple programs, and as large as Discord is, they also have these issues with online servers every so often.

If all else fails, we recommend searching for terms such as “Discord servers” or “Discord outage” through social media channels to see if anyone has experienced issues with the app. If you see a large group of people having problems with Discord, it’s possible that the company simply may not have issued a statement yet.