Does Doom Eternal have co-op play?

Can you enjoy it with a friend?

Image via Bethesda

Doom Eternal is the first big release of 2020 for first-person shooters, mostly because of its fun, fast-paced gameplay, but also because of the return of the campaign mode that Doom (2016) made players fall in love with. 

One thing that popular story modes sometimes pull off with a sequel is a cooperative mode that would let a friend join you on your demon tearing adventure. Unfortunately, Doom Eternal is not a cooperative game and will have no split-screen functionality. That being said, there is a new multiplayer mode called Battlemode, which sees two players as demons team up to try and take down a single Doomslayer. 

On the demon side, players can choose from five demons to play as including the jetpack wearing revenant and the flamethrower and cannon touting mancubus. Demons are able to set traps across the battlefield and even summon in AI controlled lesser demons to help take the Doomslayer’s attention off of them.

As for the Slayer, he comes decked out with guns, mods, equipment that helps him carnage his way through the campaign and just like in the campaign, he can chainsaw and glory kill demons in Battlemode for health and ammo.

If you are more worried about witnessing Doom Eternal’s story alongside a friend, while there is no multiplayer, it should take longer than the last game if you want to pass the controller back and forth. Creative Director Hugo Martin has assured fans that the game is twice as long.