Is Dragalge good in Pokémon Go?

How are you feeling about your odds?

Image via Niantic

Not every Pokémon reaches the top of the leaderboards in Pokémon Go. Some of them are held back because of their stats, and others fail to become routine Battle League fighter due to lacking a good fast move or a diverse charged move selection. Dragalge is in a delicate spot where it can easily be seen as having too low of stats, but it’s also partially held back with its moveset. It has an okay fast move, with some decent charged moves, but that stats are not there to make it an outstanding Pokémon. Should you use it in Pokémon Go?

Dragalge is a Dragon and Poison-type Pokémon. It will be weak against Dragon, Ground, Ice, and Psychic-type attacks, but it will be resistant against Bug, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Poison, and Water-type moves. For PvP, Dragalge has a maximum CP of 2,383, an attack of 151, a defense of 175, and a stamina of 140. When using it in PvE raids, Dragalge has an attack of 177, a defense of 207, and a stamina of 163. It doesn’t have the most health of any Pokémon, but it has a slightly higher defense stat, making it difficult to take down.

Because of Dragalge’s lower CP, we’d recommend using it in the Ultra League. It’s still going to struggle here, though. Nearly all of the meta Pokémon choices for this league will be able to defeat it. If you plan to use Dragalge in the Ultra League, you’ll want to consider building your team around this Pokémon to protect it as much as possible. You’ll primarily want to use it as the final Pokémon in your roster or as the one you use to switch when an opponent uses a counter Pokémon your other picks. It will be able to take down Venusaur, one of the stronger Great and Ultra League Pokémon.

If you can earn enough XL candy to power it up into an XL version, you’ll do far better with Dragalge. That’s when it becomes a more worthwhile decision, and an even better Pokémon. If you’re willing to invest the stardust and resource to power it up this way, more power to you, and you’ll be able to catch plenty of players off guard with it.

When using Dragalge, we recommend you teach it dragon tail for its fast move, and then aqua tail and outrage for its charged moves. There is some speculation that you might want to swap in gunk shot as an alternative charged move, but we’re hesitant to recommend it as a choice.

While Dragalge is not an outright good choice in Pokémon Go, it can be a situational pick if you want to try out a new team in the Ultra League.