Is Endeavor good in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero?

The No. 2 hero packs a punch.

Image via Sony Pictures

When considering what heroes to try and add to your roster in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, you have several choices to consider. Unless you’re willing to put down a lot of money to grab every hero you want whenever they appear, you have to selectively pick and choose your favorites and the ones that are going to benefit you directly. Endeavor is one of these heroes that we highly recommend because of his PvE potential, but what makes him good?

Unlike several other heroes in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, Endeavor is an alright PvP hero. He has several attacks that are AoE-based and deal heavy damage when you land them. But they can be demanding, and he’s a little slow. While these are not the best PvP features, it makes him an ideal choice when battling against the PvE villains and enemies.

Endeavor’s first ability allows him to toss a spear and then pick it up where he throws it, increasing his basic attacks. Because you have to pick up the spear to enhance his basic attacks, this is much easier to pull off when battling against AI enemies than other players.

His second ability is an AoE attack that has him remaining in a single position before exploding. Upon exploding, and damaging enemies around him, he starts to heal himself. Of course, you wouldn’t want to leave yourself open in a PvP encounter, but after knocking an AI around, you can hold this ability and then release it for a quick burst of health.

Endeavor’s third ability is an uppercut, similar to Bakugo, but it takes a few seconds to charge. After he’s hit his opponent, they fall and land on the ground, giving him an opening for a basic attack. However, because of the brief charge Endeavor has to do before unleashing this attack, it’s easy for another player to dodge, making him predictable.

Overall, Endeavor’s kit and abilities are notoriously good for most PvE scenarios. You’ll probably be using him primarily for Co-Op gameplay, Super Co-op Battles, and anything you do against the AI in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. However, his predictable moves make him a liability in PvP, and there are better choices. Despite not doing well in PvP, we highly recommend him for the rest of the game, and he can be an excellent hero to farm chips and missions for your other characters.